Aquarium of Parana River

This Aquarium opened its gates in February to hold more than 600 visitors each day eager to discover the new point of interest of the city, a spellbinding spot for children and grown ups.

In the development of its website we decided to organize the information from its 3 axes (recreation and education, research and social) but giving more relevance to the more playful and tourist aspect of it. It was a fun challenge to be part of the communication of the largest saltwater aquarium in South America.

Web development

We worked on the design of the site starting from the graphic universe developed for the stationery and internal signage of the building, achieving a coherence between all the elements that make up the communication of the institution.

Capturing the essence

We made several visits documenting the Center to show all its axes, from the scientific side to its social profile and ending in the most recreational aspect of the experience of visiting the Aquarium.