Cooltura Feria de Diseño

Throughout 2016 we worked together with Grupo Cooltura in the comprehensive communication of Cooltura Design Fair.

In the 9th year of the event we produced a photo production representing the most important concepts of the event. From this campaign and other communication actions we increased the engagement of the brand’s public.

Social Media

During 2016 the social network strategy was based on the impact at the moment. We sought to generate repercussion at the moment of the event and the previous days, to avoid a cold and timeless institutional communication.

ph Kimi Neptune

The campaigns promoted in social media were aimed at spreading particular days and events, but not designed to expand the number of followers, since the goal was to build loyalty to the current public. Anyway we achieved 50% of new followers organically.

Cooltura Deluxe 2016

Cooltura Deluxe is the biggest event of Grupo Cooltura and calls up to 20,000 people in 2 days for pure design. A place of 2000 m2, where 150 design brands from the interior of Argentina show and sell their productions to the general public and wholesale buyers.

In 2016 we decided to work on the concept of the personal that the design can be and how each person values ??different aspects of the same product. On this concept we developed pieces for social networks, TV ads, public road graphics and radio announcements.

Mercado Navideño

2016 Edition

Grupo Cooltura carries out the Christmas Market every year. A 7-day event, in December, where hundreds of entrepreneurs from the area show and sell their designs. The aim is to generate a consumer space for small producers that match the quality of the major brands in the market. The products range from clothing, accessories and decoration, to furniture and bicycles.

In 2016 we made the graphics for public roads, newspapers and magazines; a TV ad and the diffusion in social networks.