Cooltura Feria de Diseño

For 10 years, Cooltura has been positioning itself in the area of ??local design by the hand of author entrepreneurs seeking to differentiate themselves. Cooltura Feria, located in Puerto España lounge, became a Sunday tradition based on permanent communication, attracting its mainly young audience. We use resources such as papercraft and freehand strokes to give an idea of uniqueness in their products and designs.

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Cooltura Deluxe

2017 edition

Cooltura Deluxe is a design event with workshops, talks, DJs and 150 entrepreneurs from different parts of the country in various areas: clothing, accessories, objects, furniture and deco. The fundamental idea that we seek to communicate is the passion for entrepreneurship and design. A place of meeting, enjoyment and learning.

Mercado Navideño

2017 edition

The third part of Grupo Cooltura takes place annually in the days before the end of the year parties. The gingy cookie is the icon that identifies them, which we seek to renew in each edition.

Although each event has its own aesthetic, the three instances follow guidelines in common to be part of the same identity. Paper forms, scissors cuts and freehand strokes give us an idea of ??the unique and exclusive production of the products, exclusive condition of the fair.

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